U.S. Department of State Security Upgrade Projects - Worldwide - $152 Million

Secure Facilities

Perini Management Services, Inc. is thoroughly familiar with the additional requirements that are necessary for managing construction in secure facilities. We are cognizant of the extra precautions necessary for design, procurement, shipping and warehousing of materials, as well as providing workforce escorts and extra levels of coordination and communication with facility owners.

Construction at U.S. Embassies
Since 1985, PMSI has been providing secure construction services to the U.S. Department of State. We performed embassy renovations and upgrades to perimeter security and public access controls throughout Africa and South America and constructed the new embassy in Caracas, Venezuela.

PMSI then completed a highly successful, fast-track task order contract for security upgrades at 26 embassy posts around the world. These upgrades required the installation of physical and technical security systems, along with the associated electrical distribution networks to accommodate the ever increasing requirements for power the systems demand.

We provided physical security protection to embassy and consulate compounds in Iraq with the design-build of entry control points, anti-ballistic overhead coverage systems and hardened facilities. PMSI is currently upgrading the building shell and utility systems at the U.S. Embassy in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Construction at DoD Communications Facilities
PMSI has led design-build teams to perform upgrades to U.S. government radar facilities involving Uninterruptible Power Supply systems, shielded enclosures, and telephone and LAN communications systems. We successfully completed design and construction of the U.S. Forces Iraq Operations Facility at Victory Base in Baghdad, which included the design and installation of complex mechanical/electrical and communications infrastructure built to SCIF standards. We also recently completed renovations and new construction of SCIF spaces at Scott AFB in Illinois, and on two projects for the National Reconnaissance Office Operations Squadron within the secure area of Schriever AFB in Colorado.