Rehabilitation of Electrical Substations - Port-au-Prince, Haiti - $14.9 Million

Remote Construction

Perini Management Services, Inc. has successfully constructed logistically-challenging projects in more than 70 counties, including large scale civil efforts such as air bases, power plants, embassies and military operations facilities. Many of these are in remote or undeveloped areas, presenting challenges that demand a uniquely specific approach.

For more than 40 years, we’ve developed risk management strategies to overcome challenges. We’ve expedited freight shipments at ports of entry, arranged transportation over roads in poor condition and coordinated with foreign bureaucracies. We’ve arranged for security protection, set up workforce support camps in the most remote locations and chartered helicopters to deliver materials to mountaintops.

In remote locations, it’s hard to predict what challenges will emerge. With experienced supervision, problem-solving tactics and a commitment to building relationships, we keep projects moving forward.