Aircraft Acoustical Enclosure

U.S. Marine Corp

Project Details

Prime Contractor

$10.91 Million

St. Paul Travelers/NAVFAC

Marine Corp Air Station Beaufort, SC


5,544 Square Feet


Project Description

Referred to as a Hush House, this highly specialized project consisted of a 77-foot by 72-foot hangar facility to contain a jet for "in-frame" testing of the engine. The facility includes a 90-foot elliptical augmentor chamber, connected to a 50 foot high exhaust stack. The concrete structures are each lined with stainless steel acoustical panels designed to insulate the noise and protect the structure from intense heat generated during testing. This project was made more complex, in that Perini Management Services took over the contract following the termination of the original contractor for default. The project was well beyond the original scheduled completion date, and the Navy had rejected a significant amount of the concrete work, necessitating the demolition and reconstruction of the partially built structures. Many of the permanent materials stored at the site were damaged and had to be re-procured. Our project team replaced the original concrete subcontractor, ratified the remaining subcontractor and vendor contracts, hired additional subcontractors, and coordinated design issues with the architect/engineer to complete the work. We renegotiated the schedule and actively managed the specialty subcontractors to keep the project on track and within the stringent quality specifications. Perini received a performance evaluation of OUTSTANDING from the Resident Officer in Charge of Construction.


Government Performance Evaluation - Outstanding

“Their aggressive approach to project management and problem solving was truly outstanding. They were extremely professional and a joy to work with. This unusual combination allowed them to grapple with multiple problems that would have stymied a less capable Contractor.”
Resident Officer in Charge of Construction